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The Original Funkyberry's original 1997 website back online!

In 1997 I started work on my first website. Hosted on Geocities it was lost and forgotten about when I created my second site in early 2001. The Way Back Archive does have some snapshots of the original site going back to 10th Feb 1999 (Enter on as they don't allow direct linking) but not all the images work and some bits are broken.

Then magically a few months ago Neocities was launched, which attempts to revive the simple fun hosting of the original Geocities (although without the painfully long URL to try and remember). Thankfully I still have a backup of my original website on 3.5" floppy disk, which after I located a USB-3.5" reader I was able to upload! I'm very proud of my original site, and happy to say it was a site of its time and place, featuring such classic 90s website traits as:

  • multicoloured letters in Heading,
  • buttons drawn using MS Paint,
  • an animated envelope icon (on the WayBack snapshot),
  • excessive use of the horizontal rule element,
  • a link to a Midi page (ahh, life before mp3!),
  • and the classic Geocities default hit counter, optimistically set with 4 significant figures!

Click here to step back in time:

Some things to see here

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Christopher Hunter



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